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Welcome to Amateurastrophotography.net! Amateurastrophotography is a nonprofit website where provides the latest information, knowledge, and expertise to the worldwide community of Technology, Science, and Astronomy. The goal of Amateurastrophotography is to create a group - named Amateurastrophotography Team - where aggregate all young scientists who study in this field. Amateurastrophotography Team is responsible for writing, translating, and reporting events, news, related activities which are taking place all over the world. They will bring the interesting and useful information to the community; help people who love Technology, Science, and Astronomy all around the world reach out to the intensive scientific activities; like a bridge which connects the passion, love with real scientific activities. The motto of Amateurastrophotography is "Sharing the Passion". each member of the Amateurastrophotography Admin Team, with the great passion for Technology, Science, Astronomy, they will spread their excitement to the world community through quality articles, timely and useful information. Amateurastrophotography is also a place where people can share all of their passion and discuss together. With these nice missions, Amateurastrophotography expects to grow and become a companion of all people who love Technology, Science, and Astronomy.

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